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Empathy for the Devil Cover Reveal

This is the official cover for JR.’s book EMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, featuring a behind the scenes interview with cover designer David Fassett.

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Five Theological Truths Christians Can Agree With in the Wonder Woman Movie

Five theological insights to celebrate in Wonder Woman!

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Ruth: A Refugee Story

My new retelling of the book of Ruth releases today!

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Bloggers Gonna Blog

A recent article in Christianity Today is asking: Who’s in Charge of the Christian Blogosphere? In it, Anglican Priest, Trish Harrison Warren, illustrates the expansion of female Christian bloggers online, some of the factors that lead to this boom, and then argues for such bloggers to come under some form of formal authority within the […]

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Seven Things You Don’t Want to Hear About My Mission Trip

Christians are a highly compassionate people. When I returned from a missions trip in Ukraine this past summer, what I wasn’t prepared for was the strict social contract of what I couldn’t say around fellow believers.

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No, THE SHACK Still isn’t Heresy

No, The Shack still isn’t heresy. Here’s why.

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A Guide to Observing Lent

A guide for observing Lent in 2017

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Where is God now?

I can’t eat. I weep night and day. All day they say, “Where is your God now?”

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What are the odds?

Things more likely to kill you than refugees in the US:

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I Still Believe in Christmas

What is there to believe in Christmas when you no longer believe in God? My personal thoughts on what I’d like my son to grow up to celebrate at Christmas.