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Thoughts on Good Friday

Are we made up of body and soul? Or are we “just” bodies? I am holding out hope that the question is moot.

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The X-Files and the Transitive Property of Prayer

The latest season of the X-Files offers a profound meditation on the nature of prayer – even for those outside the faith!

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Yes, Seminaries Should Hire Women Professors

Dr. John Piper recently answered the question, “Should women teach at seminaries” with a solid “no.”

Here’s why he is wrong.

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Herod the Great: The Original Grinch of Christmas

How could Herod the Great order the deaths of the infants of Bethlehem? JR. Forasteros explores what made Herod the original Grinch who tried to steal Christmas – and how we can avoid walking in his footsteps.

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Cover Reveal: “Good News for a Change” coming in June from NavPress!

I’m excited to share the cover to my upcoming book, “Good News for a Change!”

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The Temptation of Jesus Pt 2

Satan shows Jesus the kingdoms of the world… the WHOLE world.

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The Temptation of Jesus Pt. 1

A reimagining of Satan’s temptation of Jesus

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The Redemption of Judas

Judas committed suicide after Jesus was condemned to death. But what if he hadn’t? What might his redemption have looked like?

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Herod the Boy

At least one important event in Herod the Great’s childhood affected how he saw the relationship between Yahweh and Rome. It may have set the stage for his fateful decision on that first Christmas.

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Bleeding Heart

Homeless people often approach me and ask for help. Many times I’ve had the one with no place to lay his or her head pray over me and it has ministered to me deeply. Other times I am certain I’ve just been took. And most of the time these two things cross over with one another in some kind of strange blend.