Who is Norville Rogers?

NorvilleRogers.com is the web home of Matt Mikalatos, JR. Forasteros, and Clay Morgan who co-created The StoryMen Podcast and are also bipeds.

Launched in March 2014, this site features a variety of our writing and favorite things. You’ll find healthy doses of thoughts on pop culture, faith, history and whatever else the internet gods spew forth from their gaping, digital Vesuviuses. We’re not sure what the plural form of Vesuvius is.

All content has been certified as quality collections of words carefully formed into sentences that were then lovingly massaged into paragraphs and, in some cases, even coherent thoughts.

You can connect with us via Twitter for now. Many more updates to come.

Thanks for stopping by. High five.

And speaking of high fives, here are our high nine – our nine favorite Norville posts!

Matt’s Top 3:

An Open Letter to Steph, Who Sent a Sky-lantern to Her Father, Which Landed in My Driveway – Steph. Your father loves you….

Sometimes It Does – Reflections on Ferguson, sexism, 9-11 and a life lived in fear.

Owen and Friends discuss International Power Outlets – Owen’s computer ran out of juice twice while he was overseas. He has a plan to keep it from happening again.

JR.’s Top 3:

Eminem’s “Rap God” – JR. explores Eminem’s hit song to learn what it means to be a god.

The Tragedy of Oberyn Martel – Game of Thrones is at its best in its character work. JR. explores one of Season 4’s most provocative characters and his arc.

True Detective: Facing the Abyss – The first season of True Detective was packed to overflowing with commentary on religion. JR. explores what the show had to say.

Clay’s Top 3:

The Night My So Called Life Went Down in Flames – One night in 1994, I was just trying to fall in love with Claire Danes when a plane crash near my house changed everything.

Winterized – Do you prepare your heart enough, too much, or not at all when the cold seasons of life blow in?

Halloween Memories: Bad Costumes and Getting Mugged – Some Halloween memories are stranger than others. I mean, how many times do you dress up as Tattoo from Fantasy Island or get mugged beneath a dull streetlight during early adolescence?