The Norville Rogers Podcast Network

Check out the excellent podcasts available from
the Norville Rogers Podcast Network:


Hosts: Matt Mikalatos, Clay Morgan and JR. Forasteros

StoryMen is a podcast that explores pop culture, history and theology. 

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In All Things Charity

Hosts: Tara Thomas Smith, Heather Gerbsch Daugherty and JR. Forasteros

In All Things Charity is a theology podcast. Heather, Tara and JR. talk about God, faith, ministry, life and culture from a Wesleyan, Feminist perspective. So pull up a chair and join our conversation! 

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Bible Bites

Hosts: Tom Fuerst, Jonathan Sprang and JR. Forasteros

Bible Bites is high-quality Christian Education in short, bite-sized chunks. Each episode is roughly 20 minutes, perfect for the morning commute, lunch break or your kids’ naptime.  

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Don’t Split Up!

Hosts: Stacey Silverii, Mo Zahedi, Amanda Forasteros and JR. Forasteros

Don’t Split Up! is a podcast by horror lovers for horror lovers. We (mostly) fearlessly watch the latest and greatest horror films of all time to learn what really scares us and why we love to be scared. 


Origami Elephants

Hosts: Bryne Lewis and JR. Forasteros

Origami Elephants walks the tightrope between religion and philosophy, faith and certainty, symbol and science. Hosts Bryne Lewis and JR. Forasteros tackle the elephants in the room, talking about issues that often go ignored for fear of a fight. Bryne, JR. and their guests initiate a conversation about controversial subjects with an invitational tone.