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The Man Who Died In My Arms

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One day I went to work at the college where I teach history and government. In a day I’ll never forget I stepped into an empty hallway and an unforgettable crisis.

You can read that story, a sneak preview of my new book, over at Shawn Smucker’s site in a post called:

Jesus, Zombies and Witnessing Death

Shawn’s an amazing writer and heckuva guy. Say hello to him on Twitter.


You can also see the shortest guest post I’ve ever written at The Handwritten by Michael D. Perkins. That one is simply called:


You can also find Michael on Twitter.


I also really appreciate the fantastic coverage by David Crumm at In three parts total David discussed the book, some of the great moments in Undead history, and highlights of our interview. Here’s the link to our interview from which you can jump to the other writeups. Really great stuff. David is on Twitter here.


Finally, author Paul Asay gave me a wonderful review that I just love.

Some Thoughts on Clay Morgan’s ‘Undead’

Paul, too, is on Twitter.

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.