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StoryMen Pop Culture Bracketology. Who would you pick in this Final Four?

We’ve worked 32 big pop culture topics down to a Final Four, and need you to select the 2014 Pop Culture Champion.

March Madness comes around every year and millions of people try to pick all the winners in college basketball. But The StoryMen are more interested in pop culture, so we started wondering who would win such matchups as:

  • The Hunger Games vs. Divergent
  • U2 vs. Switchfoot
  • The Daily Show vs. The Colbert Report

After brainstorming a ton of options we set our bracket and went at it in our most recent show.


Take a listen to see who made our Final Four. Think the King of Pop made it all the way? Who will YOU select? Vote now!

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.