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Norville Rogers’ TOP FIVE posts for November

Five posts guaranteed to make you popular. Go ahead and spread them all over your social media.

The month of November has been our biggest month yet!

Here are our top 5 posts posted in November.

Numero 5.  JR.’s excellent review of Interstellar, “Interstellar and the Myth of Progress.”

Number 4. SwiftamineI went crazy this month and devoted an entire week to Taylor Swift. This was the video that explains how you can recover from the fact that you love Taylor Swift as an adult.

Number 3. Clay shared about our lives and how they are intertwined with the stories of one another, television and tragedies around us in The Night My-So-Called-Life Went Down in Flames.

Number 2. Taylor Swift forever! It’s Tay-tay doing her SNL monologue.

And, finally, Number 1… with a bullet. An open letter to Steph, who sent a sky lantern to her father, which landed in my driveway. The comments on this one are incredibly moving. Well worth a look.

Meanwhile, on the StoryMen…

New York Times Bestselling author Tosca Lee talks with the StoryMen about her new book, The Legend of Sheba.

Can Jesus save E.T. and Spock, too? Get ready for some exotheology as the boys dig into the question of salvation for alien beings.

The Thanksgiving Episode!

Bonus EXTRA! “What’s gotten into us?” from the Baylor conference on Faith and Film. A discussion about demon possession and the movies. Not to be missed!

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.