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Jimmy Fallon Gets Footloose with Kevin Bacon. I Love How He Pulled This Off!

Wanna see the greatest entrance in the history of The Tonight Show?

Jimmy Fallon has been one of my faves since his SNL years when he rarely made it through a skit without cracking up. I was sad that his movie career didn’t take off, but he’s been killing it on late night shows and now is taking The Tonight Show to a new place.

The nature of how we consume content these days is perfect for millions of us who are never going to stay up watching a talk show until midnight. Fallon and his crew have been crushing it with their YouTube channel, not only presenting clips and skits in bite-sized portions but also finding creative ways to engage audience and guests.

The days of everyone walking out and sitting down for a chat are fading. We’re now seeing celebrities chatting in the green room, playing random games, competing in lip sync-offs, and reprising legendary roles.

Which is why this just happened when Kevin Bacon came on the show.

Hat tip to Author Lorie Langdon who discovered this before me.

Oh yeah, they also did an interview after.

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.