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Gimme Five!

The top 5 posts at Norville Rogers this month, and an update on the StoryVerse!

Here are our top 5 most popular posts last month:

First, Clay explores the question, “What if the Disney movie Frozen was actually a horror film?” Also: what if it is slowly inserting itself into our minds? THROUGH MUSIC?

Second, theologian Wayne Grudem dropped in to give his opinion about women teaching seminary and a variety of other topics. (Spoiler: this is satire. And written “in the style of” Wayne Grudem.)

Third, an intergalactic postal worker makes a delivery. WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS! Or, possibly really sad results. I don’t know. I laughed myself silly while watching this while my wife and children stood nearby, shaking their heads and muttering, “Oh, the humanity!”

Number four was perhaps the funniest Star Wars related video ever. Kids told adults how to act out the Cantina scene from Star Wars, and they did it. I laughed so hard about this that I missed a turn on the highway later in the day because I was thinking about it.

AND coming in fifth place, adventures caused by a new Christian dating site, CHRISTIAN TINGLE. I’m embarrassed to say that this definitely lampooned my own love for the band Switchfoot.


Meanwhile, over at the STORYMEN podcast:

A discussion about Change and Transitions.

An interview with romance novelist Melissa Tagg.

We had a really fascinating conversation with Rabbi Eli Fink about religious freedom and the Supreme Court decision about public prayer.

Here’s a long interview with Adam Warrock, a rapper who specializes in Geeky subculture.

And, most recently, dating and fried egg advice from Joy Eggerichs!


By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.