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X-Men, Penguins & Stephen King

This week’s pop culture items of note involve mutants, penguins, and one bad dude in a German car.

Just finished watching Game of Thrones. This latest episode, “The Broken Man”, was excellent. Much better than last week. Now Fantastic Four is on the telly. This flop from last year is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

So what has been good lately? Three things stand out from this past week:


A bunch of critics don’t like X-Men Apocalypse. But I do.

Is it perfect? Of course not, but it’s far better than Batman v. Superman and about as enjoyable as Captain America: Civil War, which I liked very much. Not sure why the critics thought First Class and Days of Future Past were so much better than Apocalypse. Seems like they had their minds made up before walking into this one.

I love the historical settings and the new faces (finally something fresh in this genre) and characters who exist just for this story and not the next seven spinoffs. Need to write more about this trilogy later, but for now I’ll side with the majority of fans who also enjoyed mutants in the 80s.


If you want to know what hockey is all about, just tune into a playoff game. The NHL features the toughest and greatest tournament in all of sports.

The San Jose Sharks are playing in their first Stanley Cup final in their 25th year of existence. My Pittsburgh Penguins are in their fifth. The Pens took a 2-0 series lead before losing game 3. Incredible hockey. I have the Penguins winning in 6. Who do you got?


Just read this book by Stephen King, the first of the Bill Hodges Trilogy that will be wrapping up with End of Watch (releases 6/7/16).

King has been on fire in recent years, and Mr. Mercedes is no exception. It’s one of those fast-paced stories where King takes us inside the bad guy’s head as much as we follow our trio of unlikely heroes. Word is they’re going to adapt Mr. Mercedes for a closed TV series. Hopefully it’s as good as 11.22.63 was.

The second book in the series is Finders Keepers, and it’s high on my list.

So those are my picks for the week.

What are you enjoying lately?

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.