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Wonder Woman in World War I

A Superhero film set during the first world war? Yes please.

During long night classes when I was a college teacher and had to fill 3-4 hours of time talking about history, one of the simple exercises I would do with students was to get them in small groups and see who could come up with the most Hollywood movies made about World War II. These lists would often get pretty rangy.

Then I would ask the same groups to come up with lists of movies made about World War I. These lists were much shorter.

The conversation about why there was such a gap included a couple obvious reasons. Hollywood was in its infancy a century ago. The Second World War was the most documented event in history. Our shared view of historical relevance often correlates to more recent events. And so on.

It broke up the monotony of my lecture anyway as we talked about art and culture and meaning.

The trailer for the new Wonder Woman film just released at Comic-Con. It’s set in World War I, looks amazing (despite my complete lack of faith in current DC movie-makers), and makes me wish I was a teacher in one of those classrooms again just a teensy bit.

Check it out.

Gal Gadot is great. Chris Pine has long been a personal fave. Looks like their going to have fun viewing Western culture through the eyes of Wonder Woman.

And that music. She has such a cool score. Should be a blast.

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman trailer?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.