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What Is Your Fortress Made Of?

If you really forced me to pick my absolute, clear cut, most favorite band on the planet right now I would PROBABLY say Alter Bridge. I like them a lot.

Their last album ABIII came out in 2010. Their latest and fourth album releases October 8th. It’s called Fortress. I can’t wait.

I was reading this interview with guitarist/vocalist Mark Tremonti and he made an interesting statement.

“Fortress” is a play on words, as people thought we were going to have a big castle on the cover. The real meaning is all these things in life that you feel are eternal and are never going to go away. Everything is vulnerable, and everything ends at some point.


Alter Bridge always brings philosophy and inspiration to their music. Now I’m looking at that dilapidated shack and thinking about what things I treat as eternal even though they’re vulnerable. I’m picturing myself facing an apocalypse and barricading myself into that weak shack. I would be doomed.

Most of us probably hang onto something as if it means infinitely more than reality dictates. Maybe you have something like that. I guess nothing really lasts forever except some relationships.

UPDATE: Speaking of relationships, here’s a live performance of a meaningful song.

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.