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Welcome to all the folks from Daily Science Fiction

If you’re here at Norville Rogers because you read The Vivisection of Sgt. Shane Eastwood at Daily Science Fiction, welcome! (Or if you’re one of our regular readers, you’re also welcome.)

You may also enjoy my fantasy short on DSF last summer, Portal Worlds and Your Child: A Parent’s Guide (with Examples) or my novel, The Sword of Six Worlds.sword of six worlds

Likewise, you will almost certainly enjoy the collection of comedy short stories in  Unidentified Funny Objects and Unidentified Funny Objects 2. Or if you want more space opera, check out Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse.

Here at Norville Rogers we collect all the cool things we find on the web, and talk about pop culture, spirituality and history. We also have a podcast called the StoryMen, where we interview whoever interests us, including NYT bestseller Jullianna Baggott, Stephen R. Donaldson and comics writer Mark Waid.

Welcome, have a look around and we’re glad to have you here. Please feel free to jump into the comments. We’ve got a friendly community here, they don’t bite!

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.