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April Top 5

Most trafficked posts on Norville Rogers that were posted in April.

Here are the TOP 5 Norville posts that went live in April:

The “Noah” movie is not gnostic. Despite some claims to the contrary. Rabbi Eliyahu Fink guest blogs!

Matt’s favorite Easter video. Because it makes him laugh. My wife hates this video.

American States Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse This is one of those rare Internet moments where it’s actually good to read the comments.

25 Famous Movies Filmed at England’s Hatfield House. We’re going to film the STORYMEN movie here, too.

I Think It’s Funny When You Text and Drive. Not really. The video is funny, though.


Also, check out the STORYMEN shows in April:

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All about the NOAH movie. With orthodox Rabbi Eliyahu Fink and Mikey Fissel of Reel World Theology. We also recorded an EXTRA about ecology and the Noah film.

Chronology and Holy Week featuring Rob Shep.

Our Summer Movie Preview, and some talk about Easter.

We talk about the Q conference in our Blockbuster FIFTIETH episode with Sarah-Jane Murray.

And, it was too large to fit in one show, here’s part two of Episode 50.

By Matt Mikalatos

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