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Top 5 most popular posts in June

The TOP FIVE most popular posts in June here at Norville Rogers!

This month’s two top posts by a long shot have to do with the controversial and popular TV show Game of Thrones!

Matt's new book!First, winning like a landslide down a mountain in which a snake is crushed, we have JR.’s reflection on The Tragedy of Oberyn Martell.

In second place, it’s JR. V John Piper in a smack down entitled “Does watching Game of Thrones make you unholy?” No response from John Piper yet.

Coming in at third is this deep, nuanced discussion concerning a Key Difference Between Men and Women.

In fourth place, How to Help Your Favorite Authors When They Have a New Book Coming Out. Because I just had a new book come out and I would like you to help me.

Aaaaaand in fifth place, this really horribly drawn webcomic Owen and Friends discusses originality in creating comics.

Meanwhile, on the Storymen Podcast in June:

Go see this movie!

Clay, JR. and I discuss super hero movies and how David Goyer doesn’t like heroes.

An awesome, full-length interview about my new book, The First Time We Saw Him.

Special guest Paul Asay talks with us about Good Dads, Bad Dads, Dead Dads, Bat Dads.

Screenwriter Henry Gayden joins us to talk about his new movie, Earth To Echo.



By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.