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Tony Hawk Rides a REAL Hoverboard, No Prank

Tony Hawk for real rides the world’s first Hoverboard, no prank this time.

We’ve been waiting for our Hoverboards since Back to the Future II, so when Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd appeared on the internet to demo the real thing last spring, we lost our collective minds.

Of course, it was all fake, just a prank. JUST A PRANK people.

But the internet is filled with plenty of slow people keen on manufacturing false outrage over things they cared nothing about only seconds earlier, so some real backlash bounced around for a minute.

That’s when Funny or Die and Christopher Lloyd made this heartfelt, totally real for sure, apology response.

Well, I found it amusing anyway.

But have no fear, because it’s true, the real thing is here.

Tony, who also issued a more sincere apology because some of those angry people buy his clothes, recently rode a for real hoverboard. Check it out.

No official word yet, but I’m guessing these boards don’t go on water.

Unless you’ve got power.

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.