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The World’s Leading “Black Vulture” expert shares some BV facts

Because you demanded it! A few insights on THE BLACK VULTURE!

I’m speaking this week at Big Break (and have been the last two weeks).

Last night I wore my “Black Vulture” logo shirt. Black Vulture is a super hero who I invented. I wanted to show the ultimate hipster skills in wearing a shirt for a hero I created, making me the world’s leading expert in details about him, his life and also making me the most knowledgeable fan. It’s pretty hard to out-hipster that! And being from the Portland, Oregon, area, I have to live up to the expectations put upon me.


Due to overwhelming demand, I have agreed to share a few facts about the Black Vulture here.

1. The Black Vulture is a character I created for a series of novels set in the city of Capeville. All the super-powered heroes and villains of the world have been forced to live in Capeville since a tragic incident fifteen years prior.

Here’s a color study M.S. Corley sent when he was working on early character work for Black Vulture:


Technically, this is Black Vulture 2, because BV1 died in the aforementioned tragic incident.

2. Here’s me, dressed as Black Vulture 1. This is one of his earliest costumes, before he got all organized and got all the fancy gadgets and equipment.

black vulture costume

3. The first novel is completely finished. It’s a lot of fun. Corley is working on the cover EVEN AS WE SPEAK and it’s really super cool. You can sign up for the TOP SECRET updates list, so you’ll be in the know before everyone else, getting sneak peeks at the character designs, covers and other cool swag we’re working on.

Black Vulture’s exclusive TOP SECRET club

* indicates required


4. There is a lot more to share. Secret identities! The Nest! Robot butlers! Amazing vehicles! Sidekicks! Super teams! Villains! Intrigue! Danger! Romance?

But for now enjoy this design work for Black Vulture’s team of teen heroes, the New Regulars:

new regulars capeville
The Gecko! Jupiter Girl! The Black Vulture! Pronto! Lightning Cat! Together they are… THE NEW REGULARS!


So. There you go. Some insights into the mysterious Black Vulture.

Keep an eye out for Capeville: Death of the Black Vulture, coming to a bookstore near you very soon.

Yes, that’s right. I said DEATH OF THE BLACK VULTURE.

Mooowhahahahahahahahaha!       <—– evil laugh

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.