The Evangelicals You Don’t Know with Tom Krattenmaker

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The Evangelicals You Don't Know by Tom Krattenmaker
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The StoryMen welcome journalist and author Tom Krattenmaker to talk about his new book The Evangelicals You Don’t Know. Tom is a self-proclaimed secular progressive who has a soft-spot for the new Evangelicals. We ask him how he navigates the no-man’s land of the radical middle as he pioneers a new path of civil discourse characterized by mutual respect and friendship. You also have a chance to win a free copy of Tom’s book!

In This Episode

0:00 – Meet Tom Krattenmaker
4:45 – Engaging the Religious Other
11:00 – Focus on the Family and the Secular Confession Booth
17:00 – Living in the Radical Middle
26:00 – Evangelism: The Verdict that Demands Evidence
34:00 – Tom and Jesus
39:00 – The Oklahoma City Tornado
45:30 – Book Giveaway!

Tom Krattenmaker, author of The Evangelicals You Don't Know
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Tom’s piece for USA Today, “Where is God When Evil Strikes?”
Tom’s piece for USA Today, “In Praise of the Shift in Focus on the Family”

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