Stephen R. Donaldson and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant


Stories are the most fundamental human activity. — Stephen R. Donaldson

The StoryMen welcome JR.’s favorite author of all time, Stephen R. Donaldson. Steve is the author of the best-selling fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, as well as several more series. We discuss the religious power of stories, what it’s like to publish fantasy for four decades, and of course, the end of Thomas Covenant!

Lord Foul's Bane

In this Episode:

0:00 – JR.’s Best Birthday Present EVER

06:00 – The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

10:00 – Stephen R. Donaldson & the Changing Publishing Landscape

15:30 – The Theology of Thomas Covenant and the Religion of Storytelling

30:00 – Why We Love Anti-Heroes (and Why Thomas Covenant Isn’t One)

38:00 – Steve and the Creator

43:00 – Saying Goodbye to Thomas Covenant

Episode Links

Stephen R. Donaldson on the Internet

Stephen R. Donaldson’s Amazon Author Page

Stephen R. Donaldson’s Website

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant:

The Last DarkThe First Chronicles

  1. Lord Foul’s Bane
  2. The Illearth War
  3. The Power that Preserves

The Second Chronicles

  1. The Wounded Land
  2. The One Tree
  3. White Gold Wielder

The Last Chronicles

  1. The Runes of the Earth
  2. Fatal Revenant
  3. Against All Things Ending
  4. The Last Dark

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