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Sky Lantern update

Some news related to the “sky lantern” post back in November.

Hi there friends!

Back in November I wrote an open letter to a woman named Steph, whose sky lantern landed in my driveway.

I wanted to let you know that I recently signed a contract with Howard Books to do a book spinning out of that letter. It’s a book about the search for Steph, my relationship to my own kids, and all the crazy things that have come out of that post.

Many of you wrote to tell me your own story about sky lanterns, your father, or your kids. I’m thankful for your stories, for the kind words you’ve shared with one another, and the way you’ve passed that original letter on! I’ve had notes from all over the world!

The book will come out this November, almost a year to the day from when I found the sky lantern in my driveway. I’ve had a phone call with my editor, who is absolutely delightful, and I believe this could be a meaningful, powerful book that could change a lot of lives (including mine).

Because we’re moving fast to get the book out, I’m filling much of my free time with writing the book. I still have a full time job after all. I may be a little scarce the next six weeks or so as I work on the first draft.

More updates to come in the near future!


By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.