God and Gotham: Paul Asay Interview

Author Paul Asay is a fellow pop culture crusader. He has a good sense of humor to go along with his faith, a combo that allows him to engage in all sorts of conversations in creative ways. Just my style.

His recent book is God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us About God and Ourselves [Tyndale]. He recently took a few minutes to chat with me about the Caped Crusader under Christopher Nolan’s direction and how pop culture can be a great tool in finding meaning. [Spoiler free!]

Part 1 of 4: God on the Streets of Gotham

Part 2 of 4: What Makes Batman So Special?

Part 3 of 4: Pop Culture Philosophy

Part 4 of 4: The Dark Knight Rises

You can read Paul’s blog and get more information about his God and Gotham book by visiting

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises? What did you think [No spoilers!]

Note: I’m still working on the video production/Skype thing, so sorry for those tiny picture boxes.

By Clay Morgan

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