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A quick overview of books that have recently been sent to the Norville Rogers HQ.

Here at Norville Rogers HQ we occasionally get books sent to us by the publishers. (We love this, Publishers. SEND US MORE! Also: we will accept books from other genres. History books, speculative fiction, etc.) Here’s our most recent stack:


In case you can’t see those clearly, they are:

I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love by Dr. Tim Muehlhoff. Tim is a friend of Matt’s, and the book is about how to disagree with people in a civil and godly way. Looks great, actually.

PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones. This book is targeted at people from a Reformed theological point of view. It’s meant to move away from the arguments about who’s in and who’s out and toward a more joyful experience of the Gospel.

Yawning at Tigers: You Can’t Tame God, So Stop Trying by Drew Dyck. This book is written by the managing editor of Leadership Journal. The main idea is that we’ve become unimpressed with God (thus the title) and need to recapture the sense of wonder and majesty of interacting with him.

Face to Face with Jesus: A Former Muslim’s Extraordinary Journey to Heaven and Encounter with the God of Love by Samaa Habib and Bodie Thoene. A biography about a Muslim’s near death experience that led to a conversion to Christianity.

The Skeletons in God’s Closet: The Mercy of Hell, the Surprise of Judgment, the Hope of Holy War by Josh Butler. Josh is a pastor at Imago Dei in Portland and a friend of the Norville Rogers staff. We like this guy. JR. and Matt have both started the book and both think it’s great!

Generous Spaciousness: Responding to Gay Christians in the Church by Wendy Vander-Wal Gritter. A really great resource about LGBT issues in the church, written by someone who used to run an ex-gay ministry and now is focused on helping gay people find healthy places to grow spiritually in the Christian church.

Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything by Dr. Tim Irwin. A leadership book about… uh… leading? We haven’t read this one yet. But it’s definitely for people who like business and leadership books.

What do you think? Anything here that interests you? Which ones look most intersting?