Asking Good Questions with Matt Lee Anderson

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The End of Our Exploring by Matt Lee Anderson
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The StoryMen welcome author and blogger Matt Lee Anderson of Mere Orthodoxy to discuss what it looks like to ask good questions. Matt explores that topic in his new book, The End of Our Exploring, so he tells us about how the idea for this book came to him, what the current Evangelical obsession with doubt and questioning might really be about, and just how healthy it is. Listen as we all become a little self-conscious about our own questions (which let’s face it: is probably for the best!).

In this Episode:

0:00 – Episode 30!

04:00 – Questioning Our Questions

06:00 – What’s a Creed?

10:00 – Meet Matt Lee Anderson, blogging dinosaur and Christian ethicist

18:00 – The End of Our Exploring, Evangelical Doubt and Certainty

27:30 – Are there Dumb Questions?

37:00 – Doubt vs. Questioning

47:00 – What’s a Bad Question?

59:00 – GIVEAWAY: What’s your favorite question from Pop Culture?

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What’s your favorite question from Pop Culture?

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