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Gardinel’s Real Estate: A new, limited edition zine from M.S. Corley and Orrin Grey

A charming real estate guide to haunted houses in your neighborhood, just in time for Halloween.

If you’ve been hanging out at Norville Rogers for long, you already know we’re fans of artist M.S. Corley, whether he’s redesigning Batman villains or joining us on the StoryMen podcast.

Gardinels MS CorleyComing out today is Corley’s first zine… a really fun, funny little limited run book with signed, hand-numbered copies. So it’s not just a zine, it’s collectible art. The art is all by Corley, and the text is by Orrin Grey.

Have you ever read one of those little magazines that clutter the entry to Denny’s and other restaurants like that? “Rental” and Real Estate magazines, chock full of houses and apartments, with little sales pitches for why each one is special?

Now… imagine a book that did the same thing, but for haunted houses. A real estate agent tries to sell you a series of “rare finds” while downplaying the chair that makes children nervous and keeps returning to the living room no matter where you set it. He tries to assure you that it’s a wonderful bonus that another house comes with a 16-foot¬†stuffed alligator. And just because a contractor fled town after checking out the basement on this house, that’s no reason not to put in an offer, is it?

I thought this book was a lot of fun. It’s charming rather than scary, and the tone is light and enjoyable. The illustrations are unique and each clearly inspired the entry written by Grey. It would be a great gift for realtors, people buying or selling a house, or anyone who enjoys the Halloween season.

You can buy your copy here for only ten dollars.

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.