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The Time My Family Forgot Me at a Funeral Home

Every family has its share of legendary stories. Some are happy; some are sad; some are hilarious.

My twisted family unit has gotten a lot of laughs over the years about the time they accidentally left me at a funeral home. When I was four years old. Where I knew no one. And there was a dead person there. Like RIGHT THERE.

Man in graveyard
Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Lilly Yellow

But hey, I turned out fine.

*removes collection of moth wings from pocket and arranges them next to burning candles*

One of the nice things about writing a book is that you can tell crazy stories and expose your neurosis and some people will call it art. Not only did I tell this funeral home tale of abandonment in my new book Undead, now you can read an adapted version for free today over at Tor Constantino’s site.

Tor’s a great guy and successful author who loves to laugh at other people’s childhood misery. 🙂 You should follow him on Twitter then go read a special sneak preview I wrote called:



By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.