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For King and Country

Some of you know that I hang around the music world from time to time where I meet some great people. And while a lot of the coverage from this summer has appeared around the web (like here and here), I’m STILL sitting on some great stuff that hasn’t been seen anywhere else yet.

Enter For King and Country.

For King and Country Interview

Luke and Joel are cool guys and great musicians. The Australian-born brothers put nice energy into their pop-rock sound and are fun to chat with. Even if we kind of talked about more about movies than music. What can I say? They have great taste in films.

Of all the musician’s I’ve encountered I think these guys would be two of the easiest to hang with. And I love that line from Joel that “Jesus wasn’t this passive, cookie-cutter chap. He was a revolutionist. He was extreme.”

Passion is always compelling.

I recommend checking out their website and buying their album Crave.


By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.