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Footloose Warehouse Dance with No Music & Realistic Audio is Funny

The Footloose warehouse dance scene is amazing with no music.

We had a blast last year watching Kevin Bacon relive his Footloose dance scenes in an amazing entrance onto Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Nice to see Bacon has a sense of humor and embraces the role which helped make him so famous.

Now the internet has gone and found another way to have fun with the iconic warehouse dance scene/gymnastics routing from the 1984 classic. What would this scene look like with no music and realistic audio? You know, how would it actually sound if a guy was drinking and smoking and running around so far away from his cassette player?

Well, here you go.

Smoking probably wasn’t the best lifestyle choice for such an active person. Seeing as how it was the 80s, I’m surprised Ren didn’t snort lines of coke straight off the dashboard. That would better explain this version of the warehouse scene at least.

But hey it was 1984, and gymnastics were HOT. The Olympics were held in Los Angeles that year, and the U.S.A. killed it.

Most people know Mary Lou Retton, but the men’s team crushed it that year. I remember because my sister Bethany had a crush on like the entire team. She even had a poster if I recall. But Bart Conner, Tim Daggett, Mitch Gaylord, James Hartung, Scotty Johnson, and Peter Vidmar never danced in the face of Puritanical oppression like Kevin Bacon did.

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.