Classic Christmas Movies

No, I’m not talking about classics like everyone’s faves from the 1980s (A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). I’m talking about classic Hollywood Christmas movies, and I’m talking about them with Melissa Tagg.

Getting ready for some GRANDE changes in the way I internet (stay tuned for early 2014), so in the meantime I haven’t been putting much out here. Except these are some really fun vlogs in which Melissa loves on things and I ridicule.

Okay, that’s not always the case. Sometimes Melissa is “Iowa mean” which is still nice enough to stay off Santa’s naughty list. I almost pushed her over the edge though when we did her almost favorite movie ever, The Sound of Music.

So maybe that’s when we had the most fun gushing (see, sometimes you can gush resentment too), but that’s not a Christmas tale. These next two are.

MAYBE I was supposed to be more impressed with White Christmas. I didn’t say it was the worst ever ya know. And I even declared I would take it over The Sound of Music.

But one flick I’ll take over both of those is Christmas In Connecticut. Props to Melissa for introducing me to this one starring Dennis Morgan, Barbara Stanwyck, and Sydney Greenstreet. Fun movie. Here’s why.

But we’re not done yet! We have two more class Christmas movies coming. Think you can guess them BOTH? I bet you could.

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By Clay Morgan

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