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Brian “Head” Welch of Love and Death

Of all the artists I interviewed last year, Brian Welch of Love and Death (formerly of Korn) was one of my favorites. I wanted to run this interview a while ago after launching the new site but once I found out about the band signing with a new label (Tooth & Nail) I decided to wait for the launch of their new album which just released today.

BUY THE NEW ALBUM Between Here & Lost

If you don’t know who Brian is, check out his 2008 book Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story. Once you do you’ll understand a little more about miracles and why I smile when I see Brian and his daughter together on the road.

I sat down with Brian a little while back to talk about life, the struggles we all face, and the meaning of it all.

The new album Between Here & Lost is available now.

You can also check out Brian’s book discussed in this interview–Stronger: Forty Days of Metal and Spirituality.

Love and Death at Creation 2012

By Clay Morgan

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