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The Most Asked Questions About U.S. History

Happy President’s Day America. If you’re not in America, I still hope you have a happy day. On this commemorative day in the U.S., I am revealing a new project from the side of my brain/life that most people don’t often see around these here internet parts–my history professor side.

Introducing the USA History Vlog by me, the USA History Guy.

The USA History Vlog is a new channel on YouTube. My goal as U.S. History Guy is to help people find video answers to questions about topics big and small, famed and obscure, from American history.

I’ve been working away at this here and there and have a few videos already prepared so you can see the type of topics I might go after and how I might answer them. The main categories are organized into the following playlists:

  • The American Presidency–about all things presidential.
  • U.S. History 1–American history before the end of the Civil War.
  • U.S. History 2–Any events since the Civil War.
  • General Schtuff–More random topics like 4 Reasons You Should HATE History.

I’ve already heard from a lot of people about events they’d like to understand better. I plan to answer questions as quickly as I can and have selected a few topics early to try to establish a style and figure out how to keep these videos between 2-5 minutes (for the most part).

Since it’s President’s Day, here’s a sample:

Who is this vlog for?

  • Students who need help understanding U.S. history.
  • Teachers looking to brush up on topics or add some new flavor to their talks.
  • History buffs.
  • Anybody who wants to figure out something about American history.

I’ve been teaching for a while now and noticed a need for good, clear, and short videos on specific topics in U.S. history. Hopefully this vlog will help people out.

For now I’m hoping you can help me out. Here’s how:

  1. Give me honest feedback about the idea and/or execution. I’m still honing my style. Of course graphics and images and overall production value would be awesome but I have to be realistic about my time and YouTube’s confusing copyright interpretations.
  2. Tell me what topics you would like to understand better.
  3. Spread the word, especially if you know someone (like a history student) who could benefit from a resource like this. I would like to be able to actually take custom questions and answer them via video.
  4. Subscribe and get new videos as soon as they’re released!

So tell me, what topics in U.S. history have you always wanted to know more about?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.