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Win a Copy of American Sniper!

Win a FREE copy of the new American Sniper DVD!

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, the biopic based on the military career of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, was released on video this week [May 19]. Warner Brothers plans to use the proceeds to donate up to $1 million to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Some of you are just about ready to order your very own copy right now. But wait: Before you click away, you should know that we’ve got a shiny new BluRay of American Sniper here at NorvilleRogers headquarters, and it could be yours! After all, I don’t think JR. Forasteros wants it.

Few movies have proved to be quite as divisive as Sniper—reflecting, I think, the controversial war in which the drama is set. For a movie that scored six Oscar noms and earned nearly $350 million at the box office (making it 2014’s biggest money maker), a whole lot of folks seemed to dislike Eastwood’s drama. Kyle might’ve been great with a gun and all, these critics contend, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a hero.

I agree. Sort of. I talk about Kyle’s heroism at Patheos. But whether Kyle’s a hero in your eyes or no, I think the film itself is quite good. If you want your very own copy of American Sniper, here’s what you’ll have to do in the comments section below: Tell us who your favorite movie hero is. Batman? Luke Skywalker? Dirty Harry? C’mon, don’t be shy: We won’t judge. (Much.) We’ll pick one of you lucky respondents at random and send American Sniper right to your door.

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By Paul Asay

Paul Asay is the author of God on the Streets of Gotham and creator of the Watching God Blog at Patheos. His latest book Burning Bush 2.0: How Pop Culture Replaced the Prophet examines some of the ways God communicates with us through entertainment media.