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What exactly should I expect at a Book Launch/Signing event?

You have Qs. We have As.

Friday, November 20th is the official launch and signing for SKY LANTERN at Powell’s! Be there at 7 p.m. because I suspect we will start at 7:05 p.m. SHARP.

I realized some people might not have been to a book signing, and you may be picturing a boring line and lots of waiting to get a book signed. I thought you might have some questions, and that answering them would make you feel more at ease.

So let’s dive in to some of the questions you’ve been asking:

A photo of the author.

Q: Will someone introduce you so I know who the author is? I don’t want to accidentally have the wrong person sign my book. 

Yes, typically the bookstore employees will welcome the audience and introduce the author.

Q: And then you will sign books? Or will you do a little song and dance first?

I have been considering juggling some flaming torches, but bookstores get a little cranky about flames so near the books.

Q: I thought book signings were supposed to be boring. Flaming torches sounds… exciting?

Book signings should be FUN… they’re something extra on top of the book. You’re there not just for the signature, but for the memory of a fun time with a bunch of people. So I’ll probably start with a couple stories, just completely for fun.

Then I’ll read a little bit from the book. This won’t go on too long, and I’ll make sure it’s entertaining and enjoyable.

After that, we’ll probably have a short Q and A time. So be sure to plan your Qs.

Then we’ll start signing books. Usually there’s a pretty clear order to how this happens (we start in the front row and work our way back, so sit near the front if you’re in a hurry to get out).

Q: I have a book by C.S. Lewis. Will you sign that, or do you only sign your own books at so-called “book signings”?

I am glad to sign any book with the name of your choice.

Q: Do I have to buy my book from Powell’s?

The rules on this vary from bookstore to bookstore. Obviously, Powell’s would very much like you to buy a book from them, as that is why they are hosting the event. If you bring a book from elsewhere, I’d suggest bringing a receipt as well so they don’t think you’re shoplifting. Also… if you buy something (even a different book!), that will make me and Powell’s happy. All that to say: buy a book from Powell’s if you can! If Powell’s sells out of my book they will be very pleased.

Q: I can’t come, but I want a signed book. Can I come over to your house for that? And what is a good time?

You can buy a signed copy from Powell’s right here and they’ll ship it to you.

trebuchetQ: You called this a book “launch.” Will books actually be launched by catapult?

Little known fact: book launches are typically done using trebuchets rather than catapults! It’s traditional.

Q: Will there be surprise guests?

Yes. Steph, who sent the sky lantern, will be there.

Q: Do you not understand what the word surprise means?

Uh. Whoops. Well. I think some of my author friends will show up.

Q: Will they sign books?

Probably. Although my friend J.K. Rowling doesn’t always like to draw attention to herself. So she might just sit in the back with sunglasses on.

Q: Will you come do a signing in my home town?

Maybe! Send me an email at and we can talk about that.

Q: Will you suggest other books I might enjoy or could buy for gifts while we are there?

Gladly. I love books like crazy and can talk about them all day.

Q: Is there any chance you would be willing to end this Q and A time with a picture of a kitty? 

Sure. See you at the signing!

book kitty


By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.