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This handy chart lets you know precisely when you will get burned out on superhero movies in the next five years.

Comics Alliance put together this nifty chart letting us know when the announced DC and Marvel superhero movies will be coming to theaters. Basically, enough superhero movies are coming out now that you don’t have to plan to see them all. I’ll put my yes, maybe and no list below for which ones I’ll see in theaters through 2018, just so you know what my plans are.

comics alliance movies



Big Hero 6. Looks so fun.
Avengers 2. Yes!
Ant Man. Love this little guy.
Captain America 3. Cap 2 was great.
Doc Strange. YES PLEASE.
Wonder Woman. Unless Batman v Superman destroys this.
Guardians 2. Sure!


Batman v. Superman (Probably. Against my better judgment. Honestly, I’m going for Affleck.)

Fantastic Four. Could be good….

Suicide Squad. Loved the Ostrander comic, so this has a chance. It better not be the “New 52” Amanda Waller though.

Deadpool. Not for me.
X-Men: Apocalypse. Unless my friends John and Amy take me again.
Sinister Six. There are too many villains in every recent Spidey film already.
Wolverine 3. Ugh.
Venom: Carnage. I would rather gouge my eyes out.
Lego Batman. Wait for video, methinks.

How about you? Anything look particularly good or terrible?

EDIT: The chart has been updated over at Comic Alliance!

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.