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What Can The Walking Dead Teach Us About God?

The Walking Dead intertitle

One of the early promos for the original airing of The Walking Dead used the idea of how a person’s awareness of God would come into play during a zombie apocalypse. Of all the footage the producers could have selected to help introduce this new show they chose these 15 seconds for one of the spots.

One aspects of zombie fiction that appeals to me is how characters face the existential crisis of living in a world where death is immediate and meaning is hard to find.

That’s why I wrote a new piece for Ministry Matters, to consider some of the different ways the characters of AMC’s popular show view God. By looking at the useless God of Daryl Dixon, the vengeful God of Carol Peletier, and others, we can recognize our own struggles of faith and maybe come to a better understanding of how we view God.

Here’s an excerpt:

In this apocalyptic world, survival is a daily struggle, meaning and purpose are more obscure than ever, and questions about God are magnified. The religious and existential aspect of The Walking Dead jumps out from the first episode of season two (What Lies Ahead) with main character Rick Grimes explaining that he’s “trying hard not to lose faith.”

A short while later the group follows the sound of church bells in the distance. Protestants and Catholics alike have commented on this unique house of worship that features a Southern Baptist marquee on the outside and a giant crucifix at the altar inside. Sure it’s not theologically consistent but makes for good TV when three characters step up to ask the statue of Jesus on a cross a series of questions.



By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.