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The Gettysburg Address Recited by Conan O’Brien & Others

A new event is inspiring thousands of people, celebs included, to take a fresh look at America’s most famous speech.

The Gettysburg Address is one of the most important speeches in history. It’s certainly the most beautiful address ever delivered in the story of America. Abraham Lincoln wrote political poetry. He inspired a broken nation to believe that “a new birth of freedom” could be possible. He stood in the gap and eventually offered his last full measure of devotion for equality.

Now a mass memorization event is being led by filmmaker Ken Burns and dozens of his super famous friends.

The Address airs April 15th on PBS. Visit that link to watch the trailer of how a group of boys with learning disabilities sparked the movement.

I love this “Learn the Address” site they’ve put together with leaders and celebrities from all walks of life reciting Lincoln’s famous words. Yes, I understand I’m not like most people, that you probably don’t get lost for an hour listening to people say this speech over and over. You might think it’s weird that I get choked up just listening to a two minute speech I’ve heard hundreds of time. No worries. I just love it, that’s all.

Here are a couple of my favorites. I found Conan’s version moving.

That was good, but here are a couple others. First we got an ESPN mashup for you sports fans out there. Then how about Bill Gates and UMA! Then just for good measure I’ll throw in Louis C. K. and Jerry Seinfeld talking about the meaning of the speech a bit.

Have you ever memorized The Gettysburg Address?

By Clay Morgan

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