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Sky Lantern release is coming soon!

I’ve received the first copy of Sky Lantern!

Although the Sky Lantern release is November 17th, the books are already printed and at the warehouse, ready to be distributed. Which means that my dear editors have put a copy in the mail to me, and it arrived yesterday!

Here it is!

It even has a dust jacket. Ooooh, fancy book. Wearing a jacket.
It’s my first hardback, which is pretty cool!

Looks pretty great, doesn’t it?

They’ve added a quote from New York Times bestselling author Homer Hickam onto the top, which says, “A reminder that the smallest flame can brighten the deepest gloom. I loved it!”

You can preorder the book now wherever you buy books. You can even preorder a signed edition from Powell’s Books!

And don’t forget, if you’re local to the Portland, Oregon, area, we’re having a book signing at Powell’s book on November 20th! Details here.

In case you didn’t catch on: I’m pretty excited!

Maybe the next book will be lavishly illustrated. Ha ha.
Full color photo set in the middle!
Or, alternatively, buy the book and wait a month for it to arrive, then read the back.
Click if you want to read the back.

The book looks amazing. The quality of the design work is spectacular. I’m very pleased.

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.