Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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The title of this post is one of those questions that probably makes people roll there eyes. I don’t mean physically removing their eyes and rolling them around on the ground. That would be gross. And painful. And not a very effective way to show frustration. What I’m saying is, a lot of people might say “Really? We’re having THIS conversation?”

Then again, others might read that title and say “Of COURSE Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween unless they’re into worshiping SATAN.”

Still others might just react with a simply “Huh?”

In this episode we cover the topic of Halloween from a variety of angles. Where did the tradition come from? How should Christians feel about it? And what’s Reformation Day all about? Take a listen and join the conversation.

The StoryMen episode 34: TRICK OR TREASON?

Bonus Extra!

JR. and myself welcomed friend of the show and producer Aaron Kretzman in to talk about the smash hit movie GRAVITY. Check out that episode at StoryMen Extra: Gravity.

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.