Seeing Dead People

Undead COVER smallMinistry Matters recently ran an excerpt from my book Undead. It’s actually one of the most meaningful passages in the entire book.

Here’s an excerpt:

“An old friend of mine named Dave died recently. Cancer. He was my age, a great guy with a heart you could feel and a smile that made you believe.

Dave and I weren’t always close, just always connected. Every time we saw each other we would hug and smile and catch up on where we were heading in life. We were teenagers together in the same church and twenty-something college students together at the same university. We were also guys at some of the same parties, both of us uncomfortable in the shared knowledge of a God who knew we weren’t giving our best in those days.

Then some years passed, a few random encounters in between, and we were once again reconnected. We had both changed after going through our own personal apocalypses. His was much more severe, a tragic diagnosis that would ultimately prove inescapable.”

You might think this is going to be a downer but you have to read on to see the beautiful lesson Dave’s dad taught me while standing beside his son’s casket.

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By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.