What Do You Think of Old Movies?

Here’s the pitch:

A funny girl from Iowa named Melissa who just wants her hair to stop frizzing out on humid days meets this guy named Clay from Pennsylvania who probably likes peanut butter and hockey a little too much…

Wait, that’s a terrible pitch.

Melissa Tagg is a friend and fellow author. Her debut novel Made To Last is set to release in a few months. It’s a romantic comedy you guys. I probably don’t strike many as a connoisseur of fine rom-coms but au contraire mon amis.

Sure, I’ve been known to compare sappy chick flicks to Sisyphean-like torture of the Greek gods, but I’m always fair to worthy titles like The Notebook. But truth is I like quite a few rom-coms, at least the funny ones.

If you’ve only been watching movies for the past decade or so, you might not be familiar with the concept of a romantic comedy that is both funny and excellent which brings me to what brings me here today.

Classic Cinephiles take 1

The aforementioned Melissa and I may not have similar looking book shelves but we are united in our love, nay adoration, of old movies. So we’ve launched a new video series called Classic Cinephiles in which we’re going to discuss films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, one at a time. This isn’t a podcast or anything and we hope to keep these videos short and poppy with neat little extras as you’ll see when you watch.

We begin with what Melissa and I agree is probably the greatest cast in movie history–The Philadelphia Story from 1940 starring Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart.

The first one went a little long since we’re figuring this format out, so if you are willing please help us out with some feedback. What works, what doesn’t, etc?

Do you like old movies?

Have you ever seen The Philadelphia Story?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.