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New music from Moda Spira (Autumn Film/Page CXVI)

Awesome new music from Moda Spira!

Moda Spira is the new solo project from Latifah Phillips of the Autumn Film and Page CXVI. If you’ve listened to either of those other bands, you know that Tifah has a gorgeous voice and is an immensely talented musician.

In the last couple months I’ve seen Tifah twice, once in Portland and once at her place in Colorado. She’s played some of the music from this project for me, and it’s seriously amazing. I wept during one of the songs (this despite Tifah saying “It would sound so much better if we weren’t listening on a laptop!” over and over).

Right now Tifah is running a crowd-funding campaign to get the cash she needs to make this a top-notch recording. The way this works, basically, is you preorder the work so she can finish it up to the highest possible quality. And believe me, this is good stuff. You can hear more about the project and BECOME A PART OF IT here.

In the meantime, here’s a new video of Moda Spira singing “What You Need.”

Pssst… you know that awesome feeling when you’re the first person to know about some awesome music or movie or book? Now’s your chance to be seen as the front-runner genius that you are. Tell your friends about Moda Spira. Post this video and a link to the campaign to your social media.

And if you want another choice in song, here’s another!

C’mon. You know you’re going to want this thing. MY FAVORITE SONG ISN’T EVEN ON HERE!

Okay. Enjoy and remember when you love it forever that I am the forward thinking genius who introduced you.

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.