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Why We Are Attracted to Monsters

Adventures Into Darkness coverWhen I was in the middle of writing my proposal for Undead I found out that an author named Matt Mikalatos would soon be releasing a book called Night of the Living Dead Christian, a fun story about how we often act like famous fictional monsters. Well, he did and it’s awesome.

Last week Matt was speaking in Dayton, Ohio only a few hours from me, so I was able to visit and stay as a guest of the amazing JR Forasteros¬†who was hosting Matt’s visit.

It was like summer camp for adults who like thinking about monsters and the meaning of life only it was too cold to feel like summer.

We knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity to film our makeshift monster squad talking about these things that we love to write and speak about. Here is a loose breakdown of what you’ll find in these three clips.

Part 1: The Meaning of Monsters

“There is a real darkness in human nature and we need a safe way to talk about it.” ~ JR Forasteros

Why are monster stories so popular? This video features some fun philosophizing.

Part 2: Our Ghost Stories

Do you remember a time when a movie terrified you? We do.

Part 3: Fun Thoughts on the Horror Genre

Rapid fire questions on our favorite monsters and some movie recommendations whether you scare easily or love being frightened so much you may even “marinate in your own shame.”

We seem to laugh more and more as the chat goes on so if you’re looking for the goofy side maybe start with the third video. For now, here’s part one.

Do you like monster stories? Have a favorite?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.