Message: “Velvet Buzzsaw” from Dont Split Up

A message from the series “Don\’t Split Up! Season 4.” The gang is back! In true horror franchise fashion, we’ve recast half of the gang – Radha and Tam join JR. and Amanda to tackle VELVET BUZZSAW. Does this movie have anything to say, or is it punks rocking all the way down?

Dont Split Up - March 9, 2019



The gang dives into one of the buzziest horror films of last year - Hereditary. We talk demonology, mental illness and why Toni Colette didn't win an Oscar. Plus: our first ever immediate reaction right after watching the film.

From Series: "Don't Split Up! Season 4"

It wouldn't be a horror podcast without a reboot. We've recast two of our co-hosts. Radha and Tam join JR. and Amanda as we dive into a whole slew of new and old horror favorites!

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