Message: “Exodus 28:1-31:18 – Tabernacle, Priests and Sabbath” from Bible Bites

The remaining instructions for the tabernacle involve the priestly garments, the priests’ installation and a few other random bits. It all concludes with a Sabbath commandment.

Bible Bites - November 28, 2016

Exodus 15:22-16:36 - Bitter Water, Manna and Quail

Exodus 15:22-16:36 - Bitter Water, Manna and Quail

The Israelites begin to feel the burden of the wilderness. God provides for them. Or is it a test?

From Series: "Exodus"

The book of Exodus forms the foundation of the rest of Scripture. From its iconic story of liberation in the showdown between Moses and Pharaoh to the giving of the Torah and the Tabernacle, everything else in the Bible flows from the story of God's rescue in Exodus.

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