Message: “Exodus 20:17 – You Must Not Covet” from Bible Bites

What does it mean to covet? How is coveting tied to dissatisfaction, and why is this the capstone command? Plus: how humility and poverty are antidotes to this sin.

Bible Bites - December 26, 2016

Exodus 19:11-25 - Theophany, Terror and Tabernacle

Exodus 19:11-25 - Theophany, Terror and Tabernacle

The people are afraid. God warns them they'll die. Moses goes up the mountain.

From Series: "Exodus"

The book of Exodus forms the foundation of the rest of Scripture. From its iconic story of liberation in the showdown between Moses and Pharaoh to the giving of the Torah and the Tabernacle, everything else in the Bible flows from the story of God's rescue in Exodus.

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