Matt’s talks from Dallas Seminary 2016

A couple weeks ago I was invited to speak at Dallas Theological Seminary. It was a great experience. They’ve put all four of my main talks online now, and I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Here they are, in order.

In the first talk, we discuss Acts 2 and also the beautiful, amazing story of Kapiolani. If you don’t know her story YOU SHOULD!

In my second talk, we discussed the question, “Where is God when I am suffering?” This is a talk I’ve given more than once, coming from the story of Jesus and Lazarus. It continues to be one that is meaningful for me.

My third talk was about outsiders, specifically the story of the Ethiopian eunuch. I’m always a little nervous how people will respond to this one, but it was well loved by the audience at DTS as near as I could tell. If this story interests you, you can read a lot more about it in my book, “Into the Fray.”

And finally, in my last talk I share about “opening our eyes.” One of the fascinating things to me is the story the Samaritans tell today about the founding of the second temple. I share that here in this talk, along with some thoughts about how Christians interact with women, minorities, and people of other religions. It got pretty quiet in the room, and probably a little awkward. But I was thankful for the engagement of the students at DTS!

Many thanks again to the fine people at DTS for inviting us and being such gracious hosts. Looking forward to connecting more in the future!

If you’d like to download the talks you can do so for free at the DTS website.

Author: Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.

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  • Dan Lockwood

    Great talks, Matt! You can’t lose with the stuff you use!

    I’d never heard the Samaritans’ version of the (Ezra 9) second temple building story. I’d always assumed what they (Ezra, Nehemiah) did was right and justified, somehow, but immediate commentary/judgment isn’t really provided, except for the fact that these details were recorded, and it seems to line up with the strictness/genetic wholeness/purity of the OT Law/temple regulations as best as I can recall ’em. Maybe it was, indeed, a necessary protocol (though the Samaritans’ argument, “No, we cannot disobey God [divorce] to worship God”, seems pretty legit, too). After all, Jesus did tell the Samaritan woman that she “worshiped what she didn’t know, the Jews worshiped what they did know, for salvation is from the Jews.” (Jn 4:22)

    Sober and challenging last talk. These DTS guys and gals were surely blessed.

    P.S. Random(?): Have you experienced, as per your example of the person with evolution questions, that people are most usually content to follow you into your Christ-focused conversation “re-starts”? Or do some people persist with that line of questions/objections/doubts, and how do you handle such cases? I like and agree with what you said there (“creationist in hell < evolutionist in heaven; Let's ask Jesus!"), in theory, but many college young people dismiss the Bible out of hand for its creation account conflicting so badly with the current "Evolution is fact", most popularly taught and held, scientific position.

    • mattmikalatos

      Hey Dan!

      Thanks for your kind words and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the talks.

      I will say there are occasionally people who I think are genuinely blocked from moving forward in a spiritual conversation because that’s such a road block for them. If that’s the case I’ll certainly talk about it with them, but I find most often that it’s a diversion to keep us from talking about the things that are more important… their own personal lives and how/where they relate to Jesus.