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Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Fill In for U2

Jimmy Fallon has been one of the best entertainers in America since he joined Saturday Night Live in 1998. Now he’s imposing his will on a long and distinguished history of late night television which goes back to the medium’s inception.

Not only is he hilarious and clever, he is crazy talented. He can do impressions, he’s a good musician, he can sing. And the other night, when U2 was unable to make The Tonight Show after Bono’s cycling accident landed him in the hospital, Fallon put it all together.

If you know Fallon’s 2002 album “Bathroom Wall” then you’ve heard him go Bono before. But with The Roots playing behind him, this is truly remarkable. No other late night host could ever do this. Enjoy Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing Desire.


By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.