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Origami Elephants - October 3, 2014

What to Do about those New Neighbors?

What to Do about those New Neighbors?

After a tangent on horror films, Bryne and JR. discuss getting settled in their new homes. Both find themselves in communities divided by religious controversy - from gay marriage to atheist invocations. They consider what neighborliness looks like, and whether Civil Religion or Religious Civility is more important.

From Series: "Origami Elephants Season 1"

Origami Elephants celebrates the tension between beauty and certainty. Hosts Bryne Lewis and JR. Forasteros tackle the elephants in the room - the topics we either avoid or fight about. Bryne, JR. and their guests choose instead to investigate the elephants, to let them draw us together rather than divide.

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The StoryMen talk about how the traditional publishing world works, and how to get published. Matt and Clay share their journeys to published authordom (authorship? authorness? authornity?), we talk how to find a literary agent and why the publisher really is on your side.

Plus, if you’re not trying to get published, there’s a full 10 minutes of fun at the beginning that has nothing to do with books (with the exception of one O. Henry short story that you really should’ve read by now.)

In This Episode

0:00 – Catching up and This Week in History!
10:30 – How Matt and Clay got published
22:30 – What’s a Literary Agent and How do I get one?
27:30 – The Three Essentials You Need to Get Published
42:30 – The Publisher is On Your Side
44:00 – What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW

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Helpful Tools

Matt’s original Imaginary Jesus Book Proposal (a proposal for a nonfiction book)

Book suggestions and writing resources list from Matt

Clay’s One Sheet

Fun Stuff

That O. Henry short story, The Gift of the Magi (you’ll have to imagine JR. in it)

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By JR. Forasteros

JR. lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Amanda. In addition to exploring the wonders that are the Lone Star state, JR. is the teaching pastor at Catalyst Community Church, a writer and blogger. His book, Empathy for the Devil, is available from InterVarsity Press. He's haunted by the Batman, who is in turn haunted by the myth of redemptive violence.