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Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman and Charles Barkley

Frank Caliendo is hilarious as Morgan Freeman, Charles Barkley, John Gruden et al.

Frank Caliendo is a genius, comedic impressionist. Most people first learned about him in the 90s when he appeared with an uncanny John Madden impersonation. He also did Seinfeld, Donald Trump, Al Pacino and many others. Fun stuff.

Recently he’s been making headlines with one of the most famous voices of all: Morgan Freeman. And he’s really found his niche in the American sport market.

So when he recently channeled Morgan Freeman to read Lebron James stupid letter to fans it was hilarious. Now he’s done a couple more similar readings with appearances by some other distinct characters.

Then he decided to read Jack Nicholson’s speech from A Few Good Men which is even funnier and has a hilarious cameo in Tom Cruise’s role!

Another iconic speech sports fans will remember is when former basketball prima donna starAllen Iverson got tired of wondering why people cared if he practiced or not. Here’s the original. Here’s Caliendo reading it as Freeman again.

And if you know all the sports personalities Caliendo impersonates you’ll appreciate this highlight reel of a bunch of them.

Hope you get a weekend laugh from the talented Mr. Caliendo.

Which impersonation of his do you think is funniest?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.