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The Batman 4D Roller Coaster Wins the Future

You wanna know how they spin these cars?

And now a message from Samuel L. Jackson circa Jurassic Park era.

It’s time to learn about the baddest looking roller coaster we’ve seen in quite some time, and by we I mean humanity.

But it gets EVEN better.

Because it’s Batman!

Next year, the Six Flags Theme Park in Fiesta, Texas is unleashing this metal beast upon the world. Hold onto your cowl and check this out.

What you are looking at is one of the world’s firstĀ 4D free-fly roller coasters. Two main features get all the ink here.

1. The Ride will be flipped around at least six times.

2. The track itself features greater-than-90-degree drops.


Holy Spin Cycle Batman!

So how fast can you get to Texas?

By Clay Morgan

Clay Morgan is the author of Undead. Say hi on Twitter.