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An apology to all of my friends who aren’t Christians

I’ll be talking a lot about Jesus stuff the next few weeks.

I have a lot of friends who aren’t Christians: atheists, agnostics, ex-Christians, adherents to Judaism, Muslims, Wiccans, Buddhists and Hindus, and no doubt a few other categories as well.

I feel like I need to apologize, because for the next few weeks on social media I’m going to be talking about Christianity, Jesus, church and the Holy Spirit a whole lot. More than usual.

That’s because my new book, Into the Fray, is coming out. It’s specifically targeted to Christians, talking about things that are deeply important to me and to a lot of Christians, but honestly, I’m guessing, has little to no perceived relevance for you.

So yeah, for the next few weeks I might come across as “that guy” who only talks about “religious stuff” and doesn’t seem to have time for cute kitten videos and stories about his kids and funny pop culture posts. You know, the guy who uses social media to broadcast his belief system instead of talking about his life. The guy who seems sort of hard to relate to and inhuman unless you care about exactly the same stuff he cares about.

But, at the same time, this is a book I’m proud of and that’s important to me: it’s all about what it means to really follow God into the strange, sometimes uncomfortable world around us. It’s about not building a faith that’s a “fortress” but rather one that reaches out and makes the world a better place, and takes care of the outsiders, the misfits and the “freaks.”

So. For all my not-a-Christian friends: I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to buy this book. It’s not written with you in mind… I hope you would enjoy it, because it’s full of interesting stories told in a relatable way, but honestly if you’re not interested in the story of Christianity, this won’t be a great read for you.

I’d like to do a small little something for you. Well, a few of you.

For the first ten non-Christians who send me a note asking for it, I’ll send a free, signed copy of the book to one of your Christian friends (or enemies, or frenemies, or relatives, or whatever). I’ll be glad to write a note saying it’s a gift from you.

For all my Christian friends out there: I am not sorry to bombard you about this book. You should read it! So either go buy it or convince one of your non-Christian friends to send me a note!

And, for everyone: here’s a cute kitten dressed up like a kitten.



Also, hey, don’t worry, in November I have a book coming out that is for everybody. I will mercilessly tell you all about it then.

By Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.